I had recently graduated from college when I went to work at the State Legislature for Representative Roy Takumi.  Being new to the political process, I wasn't sure what I would find. 

Steadfast principles 

The session was often very difficult considering our state's economic downturn. What impressed me most about Representative Takumi was that he consistently refused to take the easy way out.  Instead, he acted according to what he believed was the right and fair thing to do. 

Working with others 

One of the things I enjoyed most about working with Representative Takumi is how much he values listening to the thoughts and ideas of others. Regardless of how busy his daily schedule was, he would always find time to meet not only with his constituents, but anyone genuinely concerned with the well-being and future of our state.  In addition to being a great listener, he would also constantly seek out and solicit the views from those around him, myself included.  

Wants results, not credit 

The best way that I can summarize Representative Takumi's approach is that he simply wants results.  I have heard him tell everyone—the media, colleagues, constituents, and myself personally—that he doesn't care who gets the credit.  He simply wants to help those who need it.  After working with him, I can honestly say that his actions speak much louder than his words. 

Integrity means doing what's right 

He continues to be so active in the community—visiting schools, sponsoring community events, attending neighborhood board meetings, and organizing projects like the Keiki ID program and a Senior Fair.   

He is not swayed by special interests and lobbyists but always votes his conscience and for what he believes is right. 

That's integrity.  That's Representative Takumi 

Daniel Kent